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About Me

I’ve been trading since the age of 16. I started working 3 jobs before and after school to save enough money and fund my first trading account (which I totally blew up). I did this a few times over until I began to make money.

Trading offered a path to freedom, travel and continual learning. 

I worked for ING Bank, then Macquarie Bank at the age of 17 trading currencies in the interbank market. I then followed my dream and moved to London to work for JP.Morgan setting up their FX Prime Brokerage and traded currencies and futures. My trading journey then led me to Zug, Switzerland, where I lived and traded for a private fund overlooking snow capped mountains!

Switzerland was a very quiet life where I had time to read and study the psychology of these super successful trading veterans that I had the honour to work with. From a very understated office in the hills, I worked with ultra talented European traders, these guys were the best of the best!

After working with some of the most phenomenal traders in the world, I started to realise what really made the difference between the good and the great.

Being an Aussie with strong family connections I wanted to return home to Sydney, Australia to be with my family. This where I currently trade from, I trade for myself now (pure freedom) & work with traders of all skill levels, ages and backgrounds from all around the world to help them develop the mindset to turn them into consistently profitable traders. I love working with traders & helping them grow and succeed. Seeing others succeed and grow is what I do this for!

To me, trading is an opportunity , a journey….. you have to know yourself before you can know the markets. There is much more to this game than knowing about candlesticks or fundamentals, to truly succeed you really need to know yourself.

I wish you a successful trading journey!